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nutrition after gallbladder removal

Nutrition after gallbladder removal: How to cope when your digestion has gone downhill

When I opened up my free private Facebook digestive group, The Number 2 Community, I was absolutely floored when I realized how many people had their gallbladders removed. Generally these people will suffer from loose poops, possible nausea and difficulties digesting fats after. And while surgery in some cases is absolutely necessary, I wish that […]

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How to stop farting

Okay let’s face it, farting is not something that most of us like to brag about. I mean, sure it’s fun potty humour to some but for many of us it’s downright embarrassing. I mean the whole poop talk is quite the taboo topic and the reason why I created my free poop chart that […]

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How to reduce bloating after eating

Let’s face it, one of the most uncomfortable things ever is bloating and most people bloat roughly half an hour after eating and there’s a reason for this! In fact it generally has to do with a lack of stomach acid that declines after the age of 30. So if you feel fat, uncomfortable, heavy […]

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