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Monthly Archive: February 2012


You ARE blessed.

Maybe it’s the go-go-go of a Remodel Sexy’s registration set to open, people to contact, a new assistant to set up (bless her pretty little face, I love her to bitty bits), bills to pay, an apartment to clean and a book that I’m dying to finish…but the other day I was feeling low. Certainly […]

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The Fuck Bud.

I know what you’re thinking, but trust me, this entry is not promoting casual sex. Rather, I’d like to bring to your attention a certain kind of guy that my friend, Tiffany from She’s So Savvy told me about after a recent speaking engagement I had with her. This kind of man, is called, The […]

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Be the change.

One of the biggest reasons I began Remodel Sexy was with the intention to give back. And while I’ve received emails, Facebook messages from fans and tweets from followers about their excitement regarding the conference and my upcoming cookbook that’s part of the program, I also want to remind you that by joining Remodel Sexy, […]

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