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Monthly Archive: March 2012

Dress, workout & love your body type!

Hey there hot stuff, So I’m super psyched over my upcoming Remodel Sexy talk with Jennifer Ettinger from Fit Your Style because she has some pretty fantastic ways for us to become “body confidence beautiful”. So here is a little preview of what we’ll be discussing during the week of the full-up interview from April […]

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The coffee low down.

Hey there hot stuff, So I’m sure you’ve been told that a cup of java isn’t good for you. And while I don’t entirely disagree with this, I will be talking about moderation, show you an amazing tasty alternative that also helps you detox at the same time AND why coffee might not be the […]

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st francis herb

Detoxing the emotional & physical junk in your trunk.

It’s spring, the air is warmer and there’s an unlocked feeling of freedom in the air. However somehow, you’re feeling stuck, frustrated and even a little irritable. If this is you, you’re not alone. In fact, I’m noticing it a lot in clinic as tissue passes like toilet paper while patients note feeling overwhelmed from […]

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yoga pose

Marketing for Nutritionists: Crazy Sexy Cool

The last couple of weeks I’ve been teaching an 8-week program at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition for a small group of Nutrition students. This funky little bunch ranged from passed graduates who needed some kick-butt inspiration to one student who was still in the program and wanted to be prepared. Nevertheless, you’d think that […]

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The Smoothie Alternative

Hey there hot stuff, So you won’t want to miss this week’s newsletter video blog when one fan has a bone to pick with me…eeeek! Don’t worry, the gloves weren’t thrown off! In fact, to her credit, she had a valid point I couldn’t overlook – not all of us can digest a smoothie in […]

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Remodel Sexy Cooking Video Tutorial Preview

I’m so excited because today I’m sending out the first Remodel Sexy cooking video tutorial to my paid subscribers but I thought I’d give you a little taste of what I sent out. In the full-version, I’ve provided a healthy and very sexy take on an old classic, the Caesar salad topped with my sun […]

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