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Monthly Archive: April 2012

The Detoxing Misconception

The second I say detox, several things will happen: A)   People will either think I’m asking them to fast…meaning not eat…well, at least solid foods. B)   That I’ll be asking for them to eat bird food. C)   That they can kiss their social life goodbye because they won’t be able to drink and that they’ll […]

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The Naked Truth: Depression

I’m a little excited…okay, I’m VERY excited. Because I’m changing up the format for The Naked Truth that will air every Fridays from now on. I’ll reveal my naked truth and ask you about yours. So this week, I focus on depression and my previous battles with it. I’ve helped so many patients with their […]

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Emotionally Detoxing

Alright, so here it is, I’ve made a decision. I’m going to do this with you…you know, detox. I figure if I’m asking you to take on my Sexy Liver Detox program, then so should I. For weeks now, I’ve been prompting everyone to sign up to my newsletter to stay informed (there’s still time) before […]

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Boobie Swelling

Hey there hot stuff… Okay, so maybe you’re not feeling ultra hot if you’re suffering from boobie swelling (or heck, maybe you do) and if so, you’re going to love this week’s Red Couch Confessions as I give you the cause and provide you with a recipe full of majik. But this is just a piece […]

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Is a liver detox right for you?

I get it, you’re debating: Do I really need to detox? I mean, I feel kind of sluggish, bloated and a little frustrated these days. But I don’t know, maybe I should do a candida or parasite cleanse. Or maybe I should do that cleanse with the maple syrup, cayenne and lemon water. I mean, […]

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