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Monthly Archive: July 2012

cacao breakfast muffins

I suck at this.

I will admit there are several things I suck at. Take for example the following: Laundry: This might be basic to you, but I believe I have laundry dyslexia and I’d dye your shirt pink if you gave me the chance. Math: I confess, I failed grade 10 math. So now I hire an accountant who […]

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What I’ve learned in my 30′s.

1. It’s okay that I don’t want children. It doesn’t mean that I’m selfish or that I take my reproductive capabilities for granted.  I have also come to realize that many people should exercise their inner voice because I don’t appreciate being referred to as a biological freak of nature. 2. My weight deposition has changed and […]

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sweet potato muffins

Having a baby!

Now before you go sending me gifts or congratulatory comments, I am not having a baby. There is however a couple of new additions to the family that I wanted to share and that there are some very exciting things that I’ll be providing as a result. I am going to be an aunt to […]

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