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Monthly Archive: July 2012

I suck at this.

I will admit there are several things I suck at. Take for example the following: Laundry: This might be basic to you, but I believe I have laundry dyslexia and I’d dye your shirt pink if you gave me the chance. Math: I confess, I failed grade 10 math. So now I hire an accountant who […]

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What I’ve learned in my 30’s.

1. It’s okay that I don’t want children. It doesn’t mean that I’m selfish or that I take my reproductive capabilities for granted.  I have also come to realize that many people should exercise their inner voice because I don’t appreciate being referred to as a biological freak of nature. 2. My weight deposition has changed and […]

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What he does for a living: does it really matter?

As a single woman in your 30’s you will likely be surrounded by people getting shacked up and friends having babies. And while I’d love to get hitched one day, I’ve enjoyed the thrills of casual, non-committal dating this summer: I’ve met the marketer: smart, successful, built but a complete ex-talker. The coffee man: successful, […]

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Having a baby!

Now before you go sending me gifts or congratulatory comments, I am not having a baby. There is however a couple of new additions to the family that I wanted to share and that there are some very exciting things that I’ll be providing as a result. I am going to be an aunt to […]

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Cool it down: Plant waters to soothe the skin

SEXY FOOD THERAPY CONTRIBUTOR: KRISTEN MA According to Ayurveda, our skin and bodies are influenced by the energetic composition of the environment surrounding us. So, in the thick of the hot summer season, our skin becomes prone to heat breakouts and inflammation. One way to combat this is by incorporating all-natural floral waters into your […]

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Superfoods & when to call bullshit

I have a bit of a beef and it’s with a popular term called, “superfood”. It seemed like these designer health foods were everywhere from health food stores and written about in magazines and seen on TV.  With hefty price tags in tow, they came from far away countries and boasted grand health benefits. In […]

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