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Monthly Archive: August 2012

If the kitchen didn’t exist…

I would never have another dirty plate to wash…or floors to sweep. I’d save on my monthly food expenses. My mascara would never get stuck to my face when I opened the oven ever again. My French manicure would never turn orange again from cooking with curry. Food would never go bad in my fridge […]

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My worst lover.

For over six years as I’ve written Sexy Food Therapy, I’ve been quite open about my love life. I’ve talked about bad dates, falling in love and getting your heart broken. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster as I explored the single territory in my 30’s, which was foreign to me in my […]

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What will you chose?

As the summer wraps up, people are generally getting in their last hoo-ha at the cottage before September makes its appearance. I see this with my patients in clinic as people are looking for a new start. Fall, which is closely approaching is charged with a new energy and gives us the opportunity to make […]

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Is your kitchen making you fat?

I know, you might be thinking, I’ve gone way over the woo-woo bandwagon by saying this, but the energy in your kitchen can make you fat. In the years I’ve been a Nutritionist and Chinese Medical Practitioner I’ve a number of patients who all confessed to having a kitchen that was completely disorganized or even […]

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Lose weight from a having a quickie.

Quickies have a gotten a really bad wrap since they’re thought to be unsatisfying. But what if we were using the word, “quickie” in relation to food? What if creating a healthy meal could happen in 30 minutes or less AND help you lose weight? It can happen. The main reason many of my patients […]

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