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Monthly Archive: September 2012

Get some satisfaction

  Hey there hot stuff! If you walk around feeling tired and zombie through life, then you’re missing out on getting the quickie you deserve. Trust me, I can relate, I’ve been there, but there is an answer. So many people have signed up for the Quickie program and you can too. Get the revitalization […]

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bad quickie

Are YOU unsatisfied?

It never surprises me when I commute through the city the zombies I see. You know the kinds of people I’m talking about: glazed eyes, yawns and bouncing sleepy heads bumping in the subway. And whether it’s the morning or lunch, these zombies stuff bad food Quickies on autopilot. There’s no joy in that movement […]

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Naked Truth: My Beef

Alright, so I have to know, do you get picked on because you eat healthy? Do you get questioned or receive odd looks from friends, family and strangers? Or are you a skeptical onlooker who thinks that eating quick, easy and healthy foods isn’t possible and that those of us who do are just crazy […]

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