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Monthly Archive: October 2012

Treat these top 5 ailments naturally

I’m always surprised when I see people reach for the nearest drug to treat the most minor of ailments. In fact, I always tell my patients that, we CAN turn to natural means which may provide quite a bit of relief depending on the case. Check out this past segment I did with Steven & […]

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Magical Stone Broth Soup

Without a doubt fall is one of my favourite times of year. From hats to boots and men in cuddly sweaters, fall is the best! But then wait, there’s the fall sniffles, sore throats and that oh-so-sexy stubbed up voice. This is exactly the reason why I love making my magical stone soup broth. It’s […]

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Is the alkaline diet a myth?

Let’s face it, we read so much about various diets over the net and what celebrities are up to. Many of these diets are a bit far fetched in my opinion and a bit extreme (because let’s face it, who likes to live in a state of deprivation?). However there is one diet or I […]

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An upcoming whirlwind!

Today is my first unofficial day back from Woodstock, NY. I’m slowly easing my way back into things as a flurry of things are up on the horizon and I feel slightly dizzy just thinking about it! This isn’t to say I’m not excited, but rather just bracing myself for what’s coming…and so should you. […]

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