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Monthly Archive: November 2012

Do you crave to be accepted?

For years I craved to be accepted. My decisions in fact, were shaped based on the sole idea of being accepted. What clothes I wore, the men I dated, how thin I wanted to be and the abrasive acne medications I purchased praying for a clear complexion. I craved to date someone who wouldn’t think […]

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Edible Oils for Beauty

GUEST BLOGGER: KRISTEN MA Everything we put on our skin absorbs deeply into our tissues and bloodstream.  So naturally we want to make sure that all of our skincare is safe, healthy and free of harmful synthetics.  One way to do this is by using ingredients that are so pure they’re edible.  And, with winter […]

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Possessed with the allergenic demon?

Mama didn’t warn you about this, did she? She didn’t tell you about the nasty little demon that creeps in your belly and creates havoc in your system. She didn’t mention about the associated inflammatory responses and the emotional bouts of ugly cries, did she? She stuffed your little Gizmo belly with foods that created […]

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My interview with Sammie Kennedy

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked out in the past and realized I was doing everything wrong. I didn’t lose weight, I injured myself and I hated every second of it. Having these bad associations to working out, I rebelled against it until I realized how to workout the right way. And […]

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What motivates you?

Motivation is like the spark plug, the umph that drives us to chase our dreams even when the clouds leading up to it are a little hard and bumpy. New Year is also another form of motivation in disguise (generally wearing a sparkly hat and holding a glass of bubbly in one hand). It promises […]

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It’s time for a little shit talk.

Slipping out of bed before he wakes up, you’d tip toe to the bathroom hoping he wouldn’t hear you. Closing the door gently, you’d pull down your pants and take a seat. You think: Maybe I should run the faucet so he won’t hear me. But wait, if I do, he might wake up at […]

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