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Monthly Archive: December 2012

Naked Truth: The BIGGEST New Year mistake

Every single New Year is filled with hope. It’s a way for us to get passed the years prior and make it the best year yet. The problem is that we all do ONE thing that prevents us from achieving the goals we really want.In fact, I do it too.In this week’s Naked Truth, I’ll […]

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Creating a New Year you’ll feel good about.

What words come to mind to describe this past year? Success? Tragedy? Chaos? Triumph? Truthfully a lot has happened in 2012 to the world and the winter is the perfect time to reflect. You see, according to Chinese Medicine, the winter is the time of the kidneys (or the adrenals according to Western Medicine). In […]

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What super power will you have in 2013?

Armed with my super kicked up hot cacao drink, I watch as the time ticks. I know this time for some can be scary, exciting, depressing and sad. Yep, it could be one of those emotions or a whole mish mash of all of them. And if you’re like me, you’ve never really favoured this […]

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oreo cookie

You’re alive…so now what?

According to the wise Oreo cookie, the world was supposed to end today. As I went to bed, last night I looked up at the guy in the sky, made of Swiss cheese and made a wish in the hopes that my eyes would open in the morning…and it did. So now what? I know […]

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fuck it

Fuck it.

In slow motion you see her coming. It’s 9am, the office starts to buzz and there she is, Ms. She Devil holding a plate of cinnamon rolls. The smell fills the office and for a split second, you think about your waistline…but then without even thinking reach out. You say, “Fuck it.” It’s 6:30pm you’re […]

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