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Monthly Archive: February 2013

Shut up and give me sugar.

Yes, you…the person reading this. Stand right there and don’t make any funny moves. Just pass over that chocolate bar and give it to me. I blame stress; after all, what’s that saying that’s all over Pinterest?  Stressed spelled backwards is desserts? If you’re anything like this, you may have experienced the following symptoms: extreme […]

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It’s time to take Vday back.

I woke up this morning and I knew I heard him: little feet running across my floor. Cupid was back. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised – he comes back on this day every year. But as I look at a city filled with gorgeous women walking like a tribe through the busy streets, I […]

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Weight gain, hot flashes & your lady balls.

When I received this email, I was happy to add this to the Red Couch Confessions list. After all, my patients range from their late 20’s right until their 50’s (some in their 60’s). And many women in the latter part of that demographic suffer with the uncomfortable side effects from menopause. I’ve heard your stories all […]

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Stress tip #432: Bring Italy to you.

Years ago after a massive heartbreak, I was faced with the decision on whether or not to go to Italy. After all, this was the runaway-together-to-Italy type vacation that my ex and I were supposed to go on together. After a crushing breakup, a bunch of ugly cries later and wasted mascara, I decided to […]

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Sugar: The bad boyfriend.

Heartbreak used to scream Oreos for me. Twist, dunk, lick that sucker and eat two rows of its brothers and sisters in the pack. After having to deal with my jerk face boss, my body would scream KitKat and a Twix candy bars from the main lobby of the office building. I’d stuff my face […]

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Battling overwhelm & yoga day 7.

Back in my days as an Ad Exec, I used to admire a Senior Brand Planner I used to work with. She was beautiful, calm, composed and seemingly got everything done without batting a lash or ever losing her cool. This to me was remarkable given the timelines we were given. I figured she could […]

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