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Monthly Archive: March 2013

Hot Business Launchpad free webinar

Hey everyone, Last night I held the free Hot Business Launchpad which went over great! So I figured instead of hiding it under some portal away from everyone, I would post it for all to see. This webinar jam is intended for all students, recent graduates and practitioners. We go through branding, communications, offerings, facebook, […]

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Mental mojo for practitioners

In every single workshop, seminar and course I’ve taken to strengthen my marketing skills, no one ever discussed the concept of how to build my mental mojo. No, I’m not talking about how to gain more brain smarties, but rather how to cope. Being an entrepreneur is not always easy. You see there are those […]

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You might not want to do this.

When I receive an email from a practitioner in training, one who has been out there for a while or someone looking to switch careers and wondering how I did it, they often don’t like to hear what I have to say. As my little cousin says she wants to be a Nutritionist and Acupuncturist […]

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Being stress-free is around the corner

  Hey there hot stuff, So I’m super crazy cartwheeling panda bear excited because the Stress Detox is almost here. Purchase doors are now open, but they close on March 24 and hundreds of you have signed up excited to detox that bad juju away. But for those of you who are still on the […]

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These people are NOT your competition

You can’t help it, you’ll creep their Facebook fan pages to see what they’re up to. You think to yourself, “they’re so perfect. I wish I had that.” You become a little obsessed with their success and secretly fall more depressed because you begin to compare it to your own life. “I’m not good enough. […]

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