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Monthly Archive: April 2013

strawberry cacao bark reduced

The Monster with swollen boobs

It was 8am and the alarm went off. I smacked it with my hand that let out a hard thump. Surprised at the sound I looked over to realize that my hands were huge and had claws with a finger now being the size of what used to make up two. I threw my trunk-like […]

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Flipping the bird to conformity

As I looked out at the construction around my new house that I lived in out in the middle of suburbia, I would notice people would vanish into their garages as they pulled up. In fact, I barely ever saw my neighbours. It was eerie to me, so when my fiancé at the time approached […]

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Are you guilty?

At some point or another, guilt tends to creep in: You’re days away from your period and oh God you just want some chocolate to stuff in your face like a four year old, so you cave, miss your workout, maybe continue working on your laptop, but become distracted with facebook, and oh maybe I […]

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Screw it, I’m in.

The sand was in between my toes, the sun blistering hot. I slid my sunglasses down to the tip of my nose, looked around me and felt tempted to just take it off. I was 21 and was vacationing in Dominican Republic where everyone was topless.  And heck, other than my boyfriend, I’d never see […]

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