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Monthly Archive: April 2013

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The Monster with swollen boobs

It was 8am and the alarm went off. I smacked it with my hand that let out a hard thump. Surprised at the sound I looked over to realize that my hands were huge and had claws with a finger now being the size of what used to make up two. I threw my trunk-like […]

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Flipping the bird to conformity

As I looked out at the construction around my new house that I lived in out in the middle of suburbia, I would notice people would vanish into their garages as they pulled up. In fact, I barely ever saw my neighbours. It was eerie to me, so when my fiancé at the time approached […]

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Your depression might not be from April showers

Sometimes, you want to wake up happy. Jump out of bed, sing like the men from the Viagara commercial and scream out, GOOD MORNING, but it doesn’t always happen. You’d swear the snooze button is a magnet and you’d rather stay in bed than wake up to the world. It must be the weeks of […]

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Orthorexia: The dangers of being too healthy.

I was excited. I hadn’t seen Julia in almost a year. We gathered at a new coffee/green juice bar in the city, gave each other a squeeze and began to catch up. Jules was climbing the corporate ladder, scoping out new condos and finally met a great guy. I feasted on the juicy details of […]

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Are you guilty?

At some point or another, guilt tends to creep in: You’re days away from your period and oh God you just want some chocolate to stuff in your face like a four year old, so you cave, miss your workout, maybe continue working on your laptop, but become distracted with facebook, and oh maybe I […]

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Screw it, I’m in.

The sand was in between my toes, the sun blistering hot. I slid my sunglasses down to the tip of my nose, looked around me and felt tempted to just take it off. I was 21 and was vacationing in Dominican Republic where everyone was topless.  And heck, other than my boyfriend, I’d never see […]

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