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Monthly Archive: May 2013

Why you should avoid boxed detox kits

As I trail the health food store, I’m amazed at the number of detoxes that appear on the shelf. It’s overwhelming, confusing and downright pricey when you consider that detox kits cost are anywhere from $35 to almost $70. But is it really worth the dough? I suppose I’m bias being a practitioner since I provide […]

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Screw detoxing…you’re busy.

You know you’re busy when sometimes life goes on autopilot. You shave your left leg and forget about the right. It takes every ounce of energy for you to get up in the mornings to usher your kids out the door while eating your son’s left over banana. But hey, you can catch some snooze […]

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What does your shit say about you?

  Hey there sexy! I know, looking back at your poop might not sound like the sexy thing to do, but truly it can say a lot about what’s going on with you and your health. So this week in the video above, I have provided some tips that will help you understand what’s going […]

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Detoxing exposed

Hey there hot stuff! There is no question that many people have it wrong about detoxing. Some think that you have to starve yourself, go through quite a bit of pain and eat bizarre green cups of sludge that taste awful. Not the case. On June 4, 2013 @ 7pm EST I’ll be holding a […]

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Are we weak, emotional creatures?

There is this misconception that women are weak. Granted we are for the most part, emotional creatures but would you consider the female species weak?  Now I truly believe that this delusion created of the female species has led many of us to hold our emotions in, in fear that we’ll be judged. I remember […]

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