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Monthly Archive: July 2013

Natural options for low libido

I didn’t feel like having sex…ever.

I suppose some people would chalk it up to being in a relationship for a long time, but I disagree, it was more than that. You see, at one point in a previous relationship of mine, I did not feel like having sex. I’d avoid the subject, dodge it like a bullet coming at me […]

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What to do when doctors don't listen

Never let anyone discredit your pain.

If you’ve ever suffered, you’ll know what I’m talking about. In my case it was sitting on the examination table dressed in the hospital super hero blue coat, as my doc said to me, “they’re just cysts, it’s totally normal.” The stabbing pain on my side didn’t feel normal. Fast forward to days after my […]

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fertility and PCOS

Food, fertility & PCOS: 4 tips you need to know.

Every month there’s this anticipation that maybe this month may be the month. I’ve heard the stories far too often from patients of mine who are looking to get pregnant. They’ve been trying for some time, have begun their first round of Clomid filled with the hope that this month just may be the month. […]

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SLD screen grab

You asked for it.

From weight loss to increased energy and from clear skin to curbing depression, the Sexy Liver Detoxees this year have been raving about the program which sold out this year in 3 days. Here is what some of them had to say: “Completed the 2 week Sexy Liver Detox and feel awesome…body mind and soul! […]

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