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Monthly Archive: September 2013

social media and depression

Combatting loneliness & depression in a digital era

Lately, I find myself grappling with feeling disconnected and even loneliness especially given that my career is mainly online which can be a very solidary profession. And that feeling of loneliness magnifies as I grab my phone through procrastination to idly scroll through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for something I can’t name. And maybe I’m […]

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kitchen organization

Is your kitchen making you fat?

I know, you might be thinking, I’ve gone way over the woo-woo bandwagon by saying this, but the energy in your kitchen can make you fat. In the years I’ve been a Nutritionist and an Acupuncturist, I’ve had a number of patients who all confessed to having a kitchen that was completely disorganized or even […]

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why fat isn't bad for you

Is fat really bad for you?

In my past life, I was an Advertising Executive having worked for some of the largest agencies in the world and some of the biggest packaged brands out there. Listening in on focus groups, we came to the conclusion that the number one consumer fear about food is fat. In my present life as a […]

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