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Monthly Archive: October 2013

how to recover from a sugar hangover

What to do if you get a sugar hangover

I’m not going to lie to you. Today, I will eat sugar. Not the white, refined crap but maple-sweetened coconut lemon cashew bars I’m developing for my upcoming pay-what-you-can Stress Detox. And yes, later I might have a treat or two from my niece’s loot bag (if she lets me) and alright fine, it might […]

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sexy fudge bars reduced

Do you feel like a fraud?

Sitting in the middle of my living room on my Ikea kitchen chair with my bowl of noodles, I took a scan of the room…it was practically empty. All that remained was my floor-to-ceiling bookshelf and well, me in the centre. I had just kicked out my boyfriend back then and couldn’t stop thinking, “how […]

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michael genereux

The Sexy Scoop with Michael Genereux

Working in the Nutrition Industry is a dream come true for Michael. A certified Fitness and Yoga instructor, Michael works for Vancouver based company Vega, supporting Toronto’s Nutrition and Fitness Community. Originally from the farm, Michael loves the fast pace of Toronto, and the endless supply of good food and amazing people to enjoy it […]

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how to fit in

Why you need to stop trying to fit in.

I’ll admit, that sometimes I’ll scroll through Facebook, see all the party photos, glamorous events and think that to some degree, I’m missing out. I think at some point we’ve all felt this way. Seeing people look their best and feeling even remotely insecure as though we don’t measure up. I realize that this feeling […]

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