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Monthly Archive: November 2013

it's not about you

It’s not about you: Lessons for the sensitive soul

Walking into the office, you kindly greet your boss and the response is less than enthusiastic. You begin to stress, your tummy begins to rumble in nervousness and you begin to trail the peaks and valleys of your mind to find out if you’ve done anything to upset her. You text a funny to one […]

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black friday

Can you afford NOT to be stressed?

In a city full of beautiful women marching down the busy streets, I can’t help to look around and think that somehow we all wear masks. We tell people we’re fine when deep down we’re not. We’re stressed about our careers, our love lives (or lack thereof), the kids, the digestive issues, and our weight […]

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PicMonkey Collage.jpg

7 things I’m digging right now.

Lately I’ve been a bit obsessed with these 10 things. I’ve been making a huge effort during my Stress Detox to really zone in on things that keep my stress levels in check. In fact, I’m giddy and excited and wanted to share these awesome finds with you. Meditation I’ll be honest, I’ve loved it […]

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Crave salt or sugar? There’s a reason for it.

It’s almost as though a gremlin inside of me has woken up. It digs its claws into me at any point of the day. I could have already eaten, or I could be so hungry my belly button is rubbing against my spine. And when I’m stressed out, it screams the loudest smack talking me, […]

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