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Monthly Archive: December 2013


My holiday menu & indulging guilt-free.

A while back, Forbes released a pretty scary statistic that stated that the average person gains 7-10lbs during the holiday season. Now before that almost knocks you over like it almost did for me, understand this: they were wrong. In fact, the average person actually gains anywhere between 3-5lbs during the holiday season according to […]

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are supplements bad for you?

NEWSFLASH: Natural supplements are bad for you…right?

There has been a recent flood of media attention lately that natural supplements are bad for you. In fact, apparently, we should just flat out stop taking these “magic pills” as Laura Northrup cites in The Consumerist because heck, they may even do us harm in the long run. I mean wow, they may be […]

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Save the bees

Saving the bees & why you should give a damn

Please let me start off this blog post by saying that if you do nothing more than share, like, pin or tweet this article, I will be happy. Why: because we need to get the word out. You see, we’re in a pretty big pickle folks and I figured I’d pull all the stops to […]

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Grain-free chocolate chip cookie

Ever ask yourself, “Am I doing enough?”

As the year draws to a close, anxiety begins to stir for many people and truly I think this is in part, why many of us pack on the pounds during the holidays. I mean let’s face it, between financial stress of buying gifts, family obligations and Jingle Bell Rock on repeat, it’s enough to […]

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Is quinoa bad for you?

Quinoa: Super seed or super sham?

If you’ve been following along the health food scene, you’ll see that quinoa has become one of the new superheroes of health. Quinoa pasta, quinoa cereal, quinoa milk, quinoa soup, quinoa salad…alright Forrest, we get it. Simply put, quinoa is everywhere and why shouldn’t it be? The veggie kingdom has thrown a party over this […]

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