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Monthly Archive: April 2014

natural weight loss remedies

Natural weight loss remedies: What to watch out for.

There they are, the one pair of jeans that you use to measure yourself by.  As you stare at them you hope that once you slip them on they won’t fight back. That you’ll be able to comfortably button them up without a lover’s quarrel that starts at your waistline. You start to prep yourself […]

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Drink coffee to poop? Try this DIY all natural laxative

If you’re anything like I used to be, then chances are you might be relying on your cup of coffee to help move things along in the bathroom. Problem is its not exactly a healthy way to be eliminating and in this week’s Quickie video, I’ll be giving you: A DIY all natural laxative so […]

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Benefits of Liver Detox: Some of which may surprise you.

So you’ve been thinking of detoxing. I mean after all, the effects of winter are still lingering around, right? I mean maybe you’ve put on between 5-10 pounds and your digestion has clearly been funky ever since. You grapple with rabbit poop and pencil thin poop and try so hard to avoid whispering in your […]

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Sexy Scoop with Shauna Ireland

*Photo credit (above): Miz Monday (below): Shane H O’Neill I am always inspired by women who just seem to do it all and Shauna Ireland is no exception. While this, “it” girl rocks the PR world, she’s also a major whole food junkie as well (one of the many reasons I love her!). In this candid interview, […]

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