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Monthly Archive: May 2014

What is good for bloating? (Kickstart Video No.4)

Let’s face it, we’ve all experienced bloating at some point in our lives and its downright uncomfortable. I for one used to suffer from bloating around my periods especially and roughly half an hour after eating. Well there’s a reason for this and in today’s FREE Kickstart Video, I’m going to be giving you a […]

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Castor oil therapy…jacked up.

You may have heard about wonders of castor oil, but you may also know that it can be downright messy. In fact it’s been a deterrent for many of my patients, so I thought I’d make life a little easier and less messier. Plus in today’s Kickstart video, I’m also going to show you what […]

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Essential oil pulling – Kickstart Your Liver Detox FREE video #1

Detox with oil pulling…jacked up. Hey mamas & papas, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but lately the internet is filled with articles all about the wonders of oil pulling. Now even though I’m a practitioner myself, I’m always a little skeptic until I try something for myself or see studies to back it up. And guess what? […]

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