3 tips to avoid nausea after eating.

But wait, you’re not pregnant, and if you were it would be an immaculate conception. Problem is, after you eat, your stomach turns and you can barely get another mouthful. It’s partly the reason why you don’t eat breakfast. You know that you should, but you just can’t. So what can be done if you get nauseous after eating breakfast?

First thing is first and let me break it down for you…

I’ve certainly had several patients in my practice who’ve complained about morning nausea. They try the green smoothies and their stomach cramps. So many of them have given up. Problem is skipping breakfast isn’t ideal and can actually promote weight gain in some. So what’s going on here?

One of the most likely causes would be what we call in Chinese Medicine, Spleen Qi deficiency or also known as a weak digestive system. For many of us, our digestive fire, which burns our food, happens to be weak. Now add on a green smoothie which has a cold thermal property onto an already teeny digestive fire and you’ve got nausea and bloating. So here’s what to do…

Begin with small meals

Adding in small amounts of breakfast will help to ease in your digestive system versus trying to have a massive bowl of chia-filled goodness with a boatload of nuts. Great in theory when you consider we’ve always been told to eat like a king for breakfast. What many people forget is that we’re all different and require different eating regimes. So if you’re a breakfast, morning sickness kinda gal, then this is where you want to start.

Warming foods

As mentioned before, cooling foods like smoothies might not be your answer. I know, go figure, for once I’m telling you not to have a green smoothie due to its cold property. Instead, try warming gluten-free grains (small amounts remember) of quinoa and millet to start with. In my upcoming Quickies program, you’ll receive a bunch of quick and easy recipes that you and your tummies will love!

Warm lemon water

After sleeping for eight hours, our bodies wake up in an acidic state. So starting off with a glass of warm lemon water will do just the trick. But just when you think lemons are acidic, think again. Outside of our bodies, lemon happens to be acidic, but it changes to alkaline once inside of us. Not to mention, lemon water will also help to ignite that little passionate digestive fire within us. Va va voom!

In the meantime, I’m insanely excited about my Quickies program. After all, everyone deserves a good quickie every once in a while. And my upcoming program is going to save you time, money and maybe even help you shed a couple of pounds. So it’s time to say goodbye to that unsightly bloating, nausea and yucky feelings in the morning and say hello to the sexiest, healthiest you.

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