3 Tips on how to indulge…the right way.

On your way to get coffee, you pass the tray of cookies. You take one, okay, maybe you take two. Snagging a candy cane and throwing it in your cup of coffee (mmm…pepperminty!) you sit down, take a breath and begin to indulge.

After your partner’s work function last night and the copious glasses of wine (just to get through having to smile and listen to his boss’ wife) you know that things are beginning to feel a little tight. Oh wait, and then there was the bread pudding…okay, fine two rounds of it.

It feels like gluttony, it feels like you’re baking a muffin top…but somehow you don’t care…for now.

You think…let me indulge damn it.

So here are three tips on helping you indulge the right way…

1.    Be mindful

We sort of lose this aspect during the holidays and eat things that we don’t even really care about. So what I say is chose two things that you love onto your plate that you normally wouldn’t have. But forget about the items that you put on your plate just for the sake of the holidays. If you don’t really care much for it, don’t have it.

2.    Pucker those lips to ACV

This is one of the suggestions listed in The Enlighten Movement that will be open for purchase right until January 5, 2013. You see, one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar (ACV) in room temperature water will help with blood sugar control. Having several glasses of it throughout the day will help with sugar cravings so that you’re able to control yourself a little more.

3.    PGX capsules

I love PGX from Natural Factors. It has huge bulking power that will help you feel full so you won’t go right off the deep end at that next dinner party. Take one capsule with ample amounts of water before a party and set to go. Just remember though, water is key. Without taking water, you WILL get constipated.

So enjoy those parties. I get it, you WANT to indulge and maybe it even helps you get through the holidays. Once December 25 is done then you can really begin thinking about your weight loss goals for the New Year. And with The Enlighten Movement you can get achieve them. You’ll be able to transform your body and help to transform the world when you do.  How’s that for motivation?

This might feel like a sugar coated rough time of year, but remember that with The Enlighten Movement, help is on its way…

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