How to overcome candida naturally

4 Faces of Candida You Might Not Know About.

The first thought that generally comes to mind when people think of candida is yeast infections. And the problem is most people attempt to treat it topically which results in maybe some immediate relief but for the problem to reoccur again. Candida or what’s called dampness according to Chinese Medicine begins in the gut. You see the weaker our digestive engine, the more gunk (or dampness) begins to build up. This creates a host of nutrient deficiencies and hormonal imbalances.

Here are the many faces that you might not realize are associated with this root problem:

PCOS & Ovarian Cysts

This is a biggie. I’ve seen an outpour of women recently in practice and many others who’ve emailed me explaining their long time battles with polycystic ovarian syndrome and ovarian cysts. The common thread I see in all these women? Dampness. Sure many of them don’t suffer from yeast infections, but they don’t have to exhibit the pattern internally. Instead dampness in this scenario congeals forming cysts in the reproductive area.

Stubborn weight

It’s pretty common to hear women say they just can’t take off the last 10-15 pounds, but what’s to blame? In many cases: dampness. Without the ability to absorb specific nutrients and eliminate properly, weight will be incredibly difficult to lose. You see weight is never the cause, it’s only ever the symptom and generally what I see in practice is that it all boils down to the gut.

Chronic fatigue

If you’re feeling like you have to drag yourself through your day and feel a sharp dip at around 3pm then dampness certainly could be an underlying source. Think of dampness as a swamp in your body – now try walking through a swamp. Pretty difficult isn’t it? Clear the dampness that could be there for years and energy would follow.

Iron deficiency

Iron deficiency is certainly something I struggled with for years never understanding why my body wasn’t absorbing it despite the amount of iron I was taking daily. Problem is the more dampness, the more difficult it is to absorb any nutrients including iron.

Depression & a racing mind

Instead of thinking to grab a Zantac, think about the state of your gut. Foods like wheat for example not only promote dampness but also function in our systems like an opiate. I’ll notice an immediate reaction when I cheat and eat wheat. I’ll begin to feel sad, doubtful and my mind will begin to race. What you may be missing when it comes to grappling with depression is that there is a huge mind-gut connection that could be completely overlooked.

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