the keys to a successful marriage

A special announcement.

The sanctity of marriage is all based on love. It isn't about your gender, if you'll take someone's name or not, the size of your diamond, how lavish your dress is or how big your wedding is. I've seen marriages fail or people who are married and miserable. This has made me question,

"What makes a successful marriage/partnership?"

I look at my parents married over 45 years and madly in love and see them as my role models for what it takes. There have never been any frills, just love, loyalty, support, patience and perseverance. They are each other's best friends, have worked hard at it because they value and respect each other. Simply put, they love each other with everything they got for their good and bad.

Now I've been engaged before. But I panicked at the idea of marrying my ex and ran for the hills. I couldn’t do it. I sold my house, left my engagement and returned to the city where I moved in with three women in what I called our home, The Estrogen Den. This was the inception of Sexy Food Therapy.

But this time, I can whole-heartedly say that without any hesitation, I love my partner and can't fathom the thought of spending my life with anyone else.

So as Arik got down on bended knee a ring fell out of my Kinder Surprise Egg - this has been a ritual since our first date (and no, I never eat the actual plastic candy egg). Engraved in it was the word, "Home" and  his name, "Arik".

Home is where the heart is.

Home is whenever i'm with him. And...

I said yes.

He tried probably over ten times with a headlamp on and tools trying to craft it quickly before I got home. He tells me that he feels he got off easy with the ring. But I have a different view on this. Marriage is not about a huge diamond, nor is it about smoke machines, $20,000 weddings and suck for-a-buck tee shirts during my cheesy bachelorette. It’s about a lifetime together and truthfully I didn’t want diamonds, frills or anything else.


It’s perfect just the way it is.

So with the blessings from my parents whom I hope to follow in the footsteps of and who have taught me about the sanctity of marriage, you are now looking a very happy, soon-to-be Mrs.



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