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Acne: When there’s no place to hide

I’m writing this post from my past life: It’s from the girl who ate out for lunch at her ad job, took her smoke breaks to get a breath of fresh air and who couldn’t wait until the end of the day (usually around 7pm) when she could finally enjoy her glass of wine. I suppose I used my job to hide from the world to a degree. I’d use my smarts to write strategies and manage projects, but deep down my self-esteem had plummeted. Why? Because I had adult acne and not just a couple of shotguns to the face, but I’m talking about moguls that filled my forehead and cystic acne that bombed my cheeks, nose and chin. I felt like I had nowhere to hide. Acne sufferers will automatically try to fight off this complex and its hard not to. People with little tact will suggest a product that worked for their cousin or tell you about a product they saw on a late night commercial. Yes, I’ve tried those products and they practically tore off my skin with patches and I’ve seen multiple practitioners with no success. I even took out dairy from my world, ate more vegetables but still nada. I felt it was hopeless. So what was the real cause and how did I achieve clear skin? I saw a Nutritionist & Chinese Medical Practitioner and realized I had what was called dampness (a.k.a. candida) and little did I know, it was actually contributing to my ovarian cysts as well.

I made bowel health my #1 priority

I had always thought that going to the bathroom once a day was normal, but truth be told, it’s actually still considered constipation! I added psyllium fibre into my diet and I’d suggest if you can find it, to find psyllium that contains plantago. Plantago is the smooth stuff found inside the husk and makes it a bit smoother than just the husks alone. I began with ½ tsp in room temperature water at night, and followed up with another glass of water shortly after. And yes, I increased my water intake, because if you don’t, welcome to bunged up city.

I supported my liver

You can’t remove dampness with a little liver support. This isn’t to say you need to do a liver detox but rather to support it by adding in something like apple cider vinegar or a Canadian Bitter’s combo 10 minutes before each meal. Yes it will taste like shit and it’s supposed to so that your body can produce and allow bile (which carries out toxins) to flow smoothly. Anyone who sees me privately in practice will attest to taking these. In our 30’s our stomach acid begins to decline greatly. Big problem when you consider that beauty begins in the gut.

I cut out the sugar & even tailored down on fruit

I know I’ll likely get hate mail from fruitarians but it’s still a form of sugar despite all the antioxidants. Cut down the sugar, increase the veggies and reduce fermentation from happening in the gut where candida (a.k.a dampness) will feed off of. And lastly, if you want more of my tips, check out my free webinar that I recently hosted a couple nights ago. You can access it here. Otherwise, contact me and let’s book a Skype or in-person consult so that you can start feeling sexy from the inside out.

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