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Uncomfortable? Here are 5 anti-bloating foods to save the day.

Sometimes the bloating was completely unexplained. I mean, for the love of sweet baby Jeebus riding a tricycle, I just ate an apple and I was still bloated. And the bloating didn’t stop there. No, it decided to have a party on my belly and come half an hour after I ate and sometimes it would occupy my night making me feel like I was pregnant. I became self-conscious feeling fat and would unbutton my jeans at the table and be dying to just slip into my yoga pants the second I got home. After years of grappling with bloating I discovered five foods that could finally provided some relief.

Before we begin: Bloating, food allergies/intolerances & a delayed reaction

Let preface this article by saying that one of the biggest areas that you should address before trying any of the foods below is what you’re currently eating. Believe it or not foods that you may be intolerant to (gluten, wheat, dairy, corn, eggs, etc.) might actually create a delayed response. In fact when I was struggling with these issues in my previous life as an Ad Exec, I wouldn’t see a reaction until three to four days later making it really difficult to identify what was causing me the issues. So if you're still struggling, seeing a qualified, regulated practitioner for additional help is a great option.

Five anti-bloating foods

Cooked foods

I know this might sound completely odd, but if you’re suffering from bloating and are being told to eat more raw foods, run like hell. According to Chinese Medicine, raw foods have a cold thermal nature, extinguishing our digestive fire. So for many of my patients, having a big salad is the worst thing they can do. Now this doesn’t mean I’m suggesting you cook your food to complete death, because even lightly sautéing will do.

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Other than having some kick-ass blood regulating qualities, cinnamon is the king of warming up your Spleen yang – in other words, your digestive engine. One of the ways I incorporate cinnamon into my world is in my Golden Healing Milk that is excellent as a digestive aid and great for fried nerves.

Room temperature water vs. ice cold water

If you’re at a restaurant, skip the ice water. Just like raw foods, ice water will extinguish your digestive fire setting you up for bloating after your meal is done. So your best bet? Ask for room temperature water and take small sips (not gulps) before your meal.

Unpasteurized apple cider vinegar (ACV)

If you’re feeling bloated throughout the day having 2 tsp of ACV in a glass of room temperature water throughout the day will not only help with bloating but will aid in reducing sugar cravings. But if that doesn’t do it, take 1 tsp of ACV directly in the mouth 10 minutes before meals.

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Papaya Seeds

If you’re throwing out your papaya seeds, you’re throwing out one of the most healing parts of the fruit. Instead, save them, dry them and add them to your peppermill because they have a mild peppery flavour. Plus they’re loaded with papain a wonderful digestive aid that helps to reduce bloating.

In the meantime, if you’re feeling hopeless, remember that food is your friend, not your enemy. By identifying any allergens, eating mindfully (meaning chew your food!) and incorporating some anti-bloating foods, you’ll avoid having to buy bigger jeans and feeling like your only option is to live in yoga pants.

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