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Are you good enough?

At some point we’ve all asked ourselves this question and there will be times where you will ask yourself that very question down the road. The whole process is quite predictable. It begins with a sparkle of an idea or glimmer of hope of sorts. We become excited at the potential it brings but then something happens…the voice inside our head rips away the mic:

Seriously what are you thinking? You know that if you get on that bandwagon, your lifestyle just won’t hold up. You’re too busy already and you’ll pour a lot of money into it, make sacrifices, just to realize that you aren’t smart or pretty enough to do it. Heck people won’t like you. In fact they’ll laugh at you. So why not save yourself the embarrassment and stop right there.

You’ve just talked yourself out of it.

Which begs the question when it comes to your dreams, aspirations and goals, are you really good enough?


So here are some ways to get out of the anguish of feeling small:

1. Comparison creates negative talk

Sometimes social media can be the devil. We’ll look at vacation photos of our friend, compare our bodies, love lives and even careers to theirs…even though we haven’t seen them since grade school. The negative talk that permeates is only because we feel inferior to the comparison to an illusion we’ve created. So begin to list the drawbacks they might have and the benefits you have for where you’re at in your life.

2. Make good food & feel proud

But maybe you hate cooking? My advice: try it anyway. The reason I say this is because the simple act of making yourself something healthy and tasty means that you’re nourishing yourself. And when you do, you’ll begin to realize that you wouldn’t have nourished something you didn’t give a shit about. So try out my blueberry lemon “cheesecake” that is so good you’ll be stealing it from your guests.

3. Begin an action plan and drill down.

This might be difficult because most people don’t know where to start. You might require a practitioner to help you with your health goals or an online marketing program like the Hot Business Launchpad to get to the meat of it. Once you have a drill down of the steps you have to take, you’ll feel less overwhelmed.

4. Make yourself accountable.

When I began a 30-day yoga challenge, I remember posting it on Facebook because there was no going back once I did. I knew that people would ask me how it was going, which made me really stick to it. So if you’re taking on a new health or business challenge, create accountability so that you feel like you have someone to answer to. Trust me when I say this just might be the kick in your ass that you need.

Listen, I’m not saying that you will never feel like you’re not good enough, because chances are you will. With polished ads and the smoke in mirrors that comes with Facebook, we will at some point feel like we aren’t good enough to get what we want. But as we exercise our bodies, let’s exercise our minds.

Want to lose 10 pounds? You can. So do something out it.

Want to stop feeling nauseous on Sunday evenings because you’re dreading going to the job you hate on Monday? You can get out of it and my Hot Business Launchpad will show you how (doors close April 20). Stop doing the age math, because you’ll turn that age anyway and you’ll simply wish you began sooner.

You ARE good enough. Isn’t it about time you start believing it?

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