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birth control pill side effects

Birth Control, Anxiety & Depression: What You Need To Know

Years ago (literally it feels like another lifetime), I had gone on the birth control pill. I had tried several different ones but the birth control side effects for me were terrible: My breasts ached and I was an emotional wreck crying easily on a dime. However I fully realize there are some of you […]

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Looking to shop for the best probiotic? Here’s how.

If you’ve ever felt confused, frustrated and even overwhelmed at the thought of buying the best probiotic, you’re not alone. I’ll be honest with you, even I’ve been perplexed when trying to buy one, so I decided to do a ton of research on the subject to dispel some of the myths and facts – many […]

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beating depression

Steps on Beating Depression – The East meets West Approach

As you may know I’ve been writing about depression and anxiety lately because I’m just so damn passionate about it based on my personal and professional experience with it. In fact this past weekend, I geeked out and went through all my books on the subject from an East meets West approach. Yup, that’s just […]

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