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why fat isn't bad for you

Is fat really bad for you?

In my past life, I was an Advertising Executive having worked for some of the largest agencies in the world and some of the biggest packaged brands out there. Listening in on focus groups, we came to the conclusion that the number one consumer fear about food is fat. In my present life as a […]

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is granola healthy?

Is granola healthy?

I remember when I first met my hubs-to-be. He loved his granola (or what I call fart in a box) so much that he probably went through four boxes a week. I know, you might be thinking you’ve been doing a body good this whole time, right? And now you find yourself asking, “Is granola […]

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ottawa meet up

I’d LOVE to meet you

Hey folks! One of the things I absolutely love is building relationships with my tribe and really hearing your stories. So when I found out that part of my Oster Versa media tour was going to take me to Ottawa and I had time to do a meet up I was thrilled! So here’s the thing, I […]

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Sarah speaks out.

Hey there, One of the biggest things that I love, is building a tribe. I love to hear your stories and be able to provide the best care and value that I can. So when I heard Sarah’s story about her experience during the Stress Detox program, I wanted to share it with you because maybe […]

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