Benefits of Liver Detox: Some of which may surprise you.

So you’ve been thinking of detoxing. I mean after all, the effects of winter are still lingering around, right? I mean maybe you’ve put on between 5-10 pounds and your digestion has clearly been funky ever since. You grapple with rabbit poop and pencil thin poop and try so hard to avoid whispering in your panties yet a high stinky octave seems to slip out. That all aside the fatigue is the worst. You’ve become a snooze button aficionado and an expert on how to sleep with your eyes open during that 3pm crash. So heck, a detox might be a good idea, right? But which one when there are so many? And do you really know what you’re in for?

Benefits of Liver Detox: Some of which may surprise you.

Let me preface this by saying that I fully realize that there are a lot of options out there: colon, kidney, candida and parasite cleanses on the market, so why start with a liver detox? Here’s the simple answer: its spring baby. The spring is when our livers are most active, so it’s the perfect time to take one on.

Liver Detox Benefit Bonus No.1: Emotional freedom

Before feeling emotionally lighter, you will go through some emotional hell first. During my first liver detox, my patience was the size of a chia seed and I found myself whipping a saltshaker across the room when it kept falling from the top of my fridge (dramatic, yes, I know). If you’ve been going to bed passed 11pm, eating too much sugar, alcohol and processed foods and haven’t been active, chances are your liver is feeling it. And the imbalanced emotions in the liver are anger, frustration and depression (anger turned inwards). So when you detox it can get worse before it gets better. Personally, after various cries and burst of anger I hit a moment where I felt lighter, calmer and I knew the storm had passed.

Liver Detox Benefit Bonus No.2: More energy & clarity

One of the biggest pet peeves I have is feeling stuck in life and not having the energy to snap out of it. But with a liver detox, I always feel this sense of renewal, energy and major clarity. In my Sexy Liver Detox I get people not only eating well, but include key supplements and exercise. That plus the support to get through and you’ve got yourself a killer combination.

Liver Detox Benefit Bonus No.3: No more acne, back-ne, chest-ne & ass-ne

If zits have taken residence on your backside or anywhere else on your body for that fact, chances are there’s a certain level of what we call in Chinese Medicine – toxic heat. By cooling down the body with nourishing foods and liver detox juices like this one we’ll be cleaning the blood and you can kiss those little zitties goodbye.

Liver Detox Benefit Bonus No.4: Logs that look like a dog’s tail

If you’re nervous about having urgent shits, don’t, because my goal is to have you going twice per day with long, lush poops that are smooth like a dog’s tail. If your current poop looks like a baby’s arm (bumpy), then chances are you’re dehydrated and not getting in the right kind of fats. The same applies with BB gun poop because you should not be using bathroom time as shooting practice.

Liver Detox Benefit Bonus No.5: Weight loss

Weight loss has never been a focus of mine in practice because it’s nothing but a symptom. It’s why at times I roll my eyes to the point of fracturing my skull when I see weight loss sites that overlook the many reasons outside of processed foods that someone can be overweight. Detox the liver and you’ll be able to metabolize your fats better and you’ll even make way for hormonal balance. Because when your hormones are out of whack, you can gain tummy fat (excess cortisol & insulin), tricep wings (excess insulin) and junk in the trunk (excess estrogen).

With so many detoxes on the market, the biggest thing I feel is needed is the support. Without, few will stick to it and I’d rather build a community of troopers and I do so with the Sexy Liver Detox that has sold out two years in a row.

But, before I launch the Sexy Liver Detox on May 17th, I’m going to be kicking things off with my FREE Kickstart Your Liver 5-Step Series on May 12th that you’re all invited to. You’ll get DIY tricks every day that week in video form, then we’ll ending things off with a killer free webinar on liver detoxing the 17th before my program opens. Yep, it’ll be icing on the gluten-free cake baby.

So if you’re looking to feel sexy from the inside out and detox that bad juju away, sign up to simply stay tuned to all the awesome goodness coming your way.

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