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Can a spending plan shrink your waist?

It's a common misconception: eating healthy is expensive. I've argued up, down and sideways on this topic because I believe that unless you're buying designer superfoods from far away countries, it shouldn't. I remember being in college, having two jobs and trying to pay my way and still eating well. I figure if I could do it with the schedule and lack of money I had, then so could anyone. And my financial expert for the Quickies program, Karie Hill agrees.

I'm thrilled to be having Karie on teleconference one of three that I'll be hosting as part of the Quickies program. This gal is filled with financial mojo sexy power and gives you permission to be a lady baller in more ways than one and that includes your grocery bill.

Check out her latest post on shrinking your waste all through a savvy financial plan.

To get more incredible advice, sign up to my Quickies program that will have the Karie Hill giving us the financial goods and Ken Lauher who will be teaching us how to increase our vitality through kitchen feng shui. It's coming up and all you have to do is sign up.

Are you ready to get the quickie you deserve?

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