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Candida Detox: Why it won’t work without these two crucial steps.

Alright so maybe you’re desperate, contemplating which candida detox is right for you and heck I don’t blame you. Candida can be downright awful when you consider the symptoms: bloating, gassiness, acne, poops that require more than three wipes or leave a film in the toilet bowl, funky poops that are all over the map, yeast infections, foggy thinking and concentration (what was I just saying again?) and feeling downright uncomfortable in those pair of jeans that you’ve been dying to fit into. I mean, you have all or at least most of the symptoms, right? And you’re so ready to go incognito to the health food store to buy a box as though you were 16 trying to buy a box of condoms.

Please, for the sweet love of Mary Joseph, don’t do a price check.

But wait, before you go for it, let me stop from buying a Candida Detox…

Because unless you do these two steps, it won’t work for you.

candida detox

Open your back door to regular bowel movements

I’ve seen crazed candida fans flock to purchase candida boxed kits but hadn’t taken the step to gain regularity. And trust me when I say it’s important. Let me break it down for you: If your back door is closed (meaning if you’re constipated or your bowel movements are all over the map in consistency), then where do you think that candida is going? Candida, heavy metals, parasites (which feed on candida) all leave your body through your poop. In fact, if you’re constipated then the toxins that you’re trying to eliminate will get reabsorbed and it can make things worse. So trying to start any detox without making sure your regular is a recipe for disaster.


Liver work is crucial

The liver has over 560 functions, so you can imagine that it plays a crucial part in the role of candida. In fact, a congested liver will prevent any success of filtering out candida because it’s an elimination organ and needs to be in good health. And the toxins Candida emits on a daily basis can overload the liver. So when you’re going through candida die off, the amount of toxins can be, and often are, overwhelming. So if your liver hasn’t been worked on and if it’s congested, you will turn into a candida monster.

It’s why I’m launching my FREE Kickstart Your Liver in 5 Step series that’s launching on May 12. And at the end of the week you’ll get a webinar all about your hormones, digestion and weight control and how it pertains to the liver. It’s all an awesome segway into my Sexy Liver Detox launching on May 17 where I’m only accepting 100 people – and trust me, it sells out every year in a matter of days.

Now there are other elimination organs like your lymphatic system, kidneys, etc. But in my Sexy Liver Detox we’ll be rolling up our sleeves to support the rest.

If you haven’t signed up to simply stay tuned, do so now because there’s a lot of goodness coming your way.

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