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Category: Body Image

natural remedies for edema

The many faces of stress and…edema.

You’re burning the candle at both ends. Somehow it feels like everything was due yesterday. You’ll hit the snack bar at 3pm to get a granola bar (that’s a healthier option, right? I mean it’s not a bag of chips) and grab a cup of coffee. You just need to make it through. And if you […]

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I’m stressed…give me a drink.

The year was 2004 and I remember the day clearly. We had screwed up as the Account team on a packaged goods account and bad. I was panicked and fearful that I’d lose the ad job I had wanted forever. I was prepared with my pit stick and toothbrush in my drawer after spending a […]

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Amber Joliat

Sexy Scoop with Amber Joliat

One of the things I love to see is when innovators hit the health industry. Goodbye to the days of exclusivity or hippies, the health industry has been reshaped for all (including hippies!). It’s one of the many reasons I love Amber Joliat. To me she is the epitome of sexy, grace, love and strength. […]

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chocolate milk post-recovery workout

Chocolate Milk: The post-workout recovery drink fraud.

Sports Nutrition isn’t exactly a topic I generally write about, but in this scenario I was too tempted not too. Why: because people for some time have been raving all about the wonders of chocolate milk being the best post-workout recovery drink.  In fact a recent study coming out of the University of Indiana found […]

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how to love your body

3 things I’ve learned from hating my body.

The album of choice that morning was Bruno Mars. I would do a sleepy uncoordinated jig in the shower, get out to towel-dry my hair and flip my head back, which is when I saw it. There, in front of the full length mirror was the naked ripple aftermath of my throwback. Could the mirror […]

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how to get rid of acne

Acne: When there’s no place to hide

I’m writing this post from my past life: It’s from the girl who ate out for lunch at her ad job, took her smoke breaks to get a breath of fresh air and who couldn’t wait until the end of the day (usually around 7pm) when she could finally enjoy her glass of wine. I […]

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