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Category: Mind & Body

How to get over anxiety with natural remedies

Hey Hot Stuff, Alright, I haven’t told many people this, but I’m doing so because maybe you’ll be able to relate, so here goes…**deep breath** For a while there, I had such crippling anxiety that I’d wait for Arik, my fiance to leave for work before I’d break down crying. I didn’t hide it from […]

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flourite healing benefits

How I use stones & crystals to de-stress my life

If you’ve ever thought that people wearing or decorating their home with crystals or stones are nothing but hippies, you’re not alone. In fact, I used to think that way too. There was no way you’d catch me smelling like patchouli (I actually still despise the scent) or wearing stones touting about how they give […]

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natural remedies for edema

The many faces of stress and…edema.

You’re burning the candle at both ends. Somehow it feels like everything was due yesterday. You’ll hit the snack bar at 3pm to get a granola bar (that’s a healthier option, right? I mean it’s not a bag of chips) and grab a cup of coffee. You just need to make it through. And if you […]

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