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Category: Mind & Body

natural remedies for depression

Natural remedies for depression that just might help.

If I had a dime for every time I dreaded getting up in the past, I’d be rich by now. In fact, for years, you can ask anyone in my family, I suffered from depression that at times was debilitating. I figured no one would understand so many of the times I would simply internalize […]

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A Super Woman’s Guide to being stress-free.

We had a huge problem on our hands that could have cost the agency $14,000 to fix and that wasn’t even on the high end. I was at the brunt of this catastrophe and as a newbie Account Exec my nerves were in shambles and my stress levels were through the roof.  My heart sank […]

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How to get over anxiety with natural remedies

Hey Hot Stuff, Alright, I haven’t told many people this, but I’m doing so because maybe you’ll be able to relate, so here goes…**deep breath** For a while there, I had such crippling anxiety that I’d wait for Arik, my fiance to leave for work before I’d break down crying. I didn’t hide it from […]

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flourite healing benefits

How I use stones & crystals to de-stress my life

If you’ve ever thought that people wearing or decorating their home with crystals or stones are nothing but hippies, you’re not alone. In fact, I used to think that way too. There was no way you’d catch me smelling like patchouli (I actually still despise the scent) or wearing stones touting about how they give […]

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