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Category: Business advice

To the woman who stole my work.

You and I have never met, at least not face-to-face, but I did want to give you an insight as to why what you’ve done is wrong, and why it could have possibly hurt someone. I have decided I’m also not going to mention your name in this post. As you are well aware, I […]

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Holy shit.

I don’t usually start off a blog post, let alone name one like this but…holy shit. The response for the Hot Business Launchpad online program has been seriously overwhelming. In fact it’s more than tripled last year’s response for the program and the FREE webjam happening tonight is going to be off the hook! I’m […]

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FREE webjam on how to build your freedom is here!

Alright, so it’s official, you hate your job or you’d just like to get started on that business already. Whether you’re a practitioner, photographer or jewelry designer, you don’t want to miss my FREE webjam taking place on Thursday February 13th at 7pmEST (that’s tomorrow!). I’ll be revealing crucial steps that you NEED to know […]

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how to launch an online business

Here’s a sneak peak for you…

As many of you may know, in my past life, I was an Ad Exec and when I changed my careers to become a Nutritionist & Acupuncturist, I did so from nothing. In fact, less than nothing because I was thousands of dollars in debt! So when I hear people saying that they’d love to […]

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Does your job suck your soul?

You’re not alone. In fact I used to feel the same and I know many people still do. So here’s the thing… I’ve got answers on how to plan your escape route and I want to give it to you…for FREE. Want to find out more? Click here or on the image above & reserve your […]

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