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is granola healthy?

Is granola healthy?

I remember when I first met my hubs-to-be. He loved his granola (or what I call fart in a box) so much that he probably went through four boxes a week. I know, you might be thinking you’ve been doing a body good this whole time, right? And now you find yourself asking, “Is granola […]

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Stress Detox screen grab

The Stress Detox has launched!

It’s literally been three years in a row that I’ve done this and every year just keeps getting better and this year is no exception. Last night, I held another FREE Stress Detox webinar and holy heck I couldn’t believe how many of you came out to listen in, ask your questions and share your […]

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How to treat bloating naturally

If you’re a woman, then maybe you can relate to this story and if you’re a dude, listen up gentlemen… For the longest time I couldn’t wait until I got home so I could slip into my yoga pants. Why? Because I’d shift at the dinner table just dying to undo a button and despite […]

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flourite healing benefits

How I use stones & crystals to de-stress my life

If you’ve ever thought that people wearing or decorating their home with crystals or stones are nothing but hippies, you’re not alone. In fact, I used to think that way too. There was no way you’d catch me smelling like patchouli (I actually still despise the scent) or wearing stones touting about how they give […]

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