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Category: Digestive Health

Diatomaceous earth benefits for candida

Ladies, let's face it, we all hate the C-word, ammmmiiiiright? I know when I speak to my ladies over at my free and private Sexy Food Therapy Community, that many of them can relate for sure! Well I know I, for one, hate it. I'm talking about candida and in today's video I wanted to [...]

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eggplant parm recipe

Eggplant Parm Recipe...grain-free.

The day I found out that I couldn’t eat gluten, I felt hopeless because gluten and I had been best buds for as long as I could remember…or so I thought. What would I do when I ate burgers? How the heck could I live without sandwiches? And what about that delicious breading around my [...]

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Why do smoothies make my stomach hurt?

Smoothies have been all the rage for some time with prominent celebrities boasting about their nutritional value. So if you've ever tried to make a smoothie but felt terrible afterwards, you're not alone. In fact when speaking to my peeps over at my free, private digestive Facebook group, The Number 2 Community, people will agree [...]

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