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Category: Digestive Health

Looking to shop for the best probiotic? Here’s how.

If you’ve ever felt confused, frustrated and even overwhelmed at the thought of buying the best probiotic, you’re not alone. I’ll be honest with you, even I’ve been perplexed when trying to buy one, so I decided to do a ton of research on the subject to dispel some of the myths and facts – many […]

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Natural remedies for anxiety

I was a closet anxiety sufferer.

It’s hard to explain, but all I know is that I’d wake up with a heavy flutter in my chest and a feeling of doom. I couldn’t understand why. After all, I wrote in my gratitude journal daily for all the wonderful things in my life and began to feel ungrateful since I couldn’t shake […]

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liver detox recipes

Liver Detox recipes for disaster: Popular detoxes debunked!

I will admit, I’ve been around the detox block trying many of the popular fad detoxes. I’ve starved myself with lemon, maple syrup and cayenne water that unleashed a hypoglycemic monster. I’ve drunk copious amounts of apple juice and olive oil eager to see the goblin stones come out of me. And I’ve down litres […]

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probiotic benefits

Probiotic Benefits: They aren’t just for digestion.

It was almost as if it happened overnight. Suddenly no matter what I ate, my body would react. From constipation to well…the reverse, I was a digestive nightmare. What I didn’t associate to my gut feelings was the depression I had also suffered with and that there could even be a correlation. It wasn’t until […]

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healthy greens

Healthy Greens & Two Surprising “SuperFood” Heroes

Having been the underdog many times in my life, I’m all about rooting for them. I mean give them a fair shake and let them shine right? Well the same goes for so-call, superfoods, a term, by the way, that I hate. Why: it shines a big ol’ marketing light on certain foods (many of […]

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why fat isn't bad for you

Is fat really bad for you?

In my past life, I was an Advertising Executive having worked for some of the largest agencies in the world and some of the biggest packaged brands out there. Listening in on focus groups, we came to the conclusion that the number one consumer fear about food is fat. In my present life as a […]

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