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Category: Endometriosis

Natural Treatment for Endometriosis

One day I had the idea to reach out to my gals in the free and private Sexy Food Therapy Community to ask about their experiences with endometriosis. What had they heard from their doctors? What had been their struggles? The results: astounding…and truthfully, almost a little heartbreaking. So given that I know that endometriosis […]

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Fried nerves? Try sunflower lecithin.

Picture this: you’re in the bathroom, minding your own business, blow drying your hair rapping to some old school hip hop (okay well maybe that’s just me) when suddenly your partner knocks on the door suddenly and your heart almost explodes out of your chest. Jumpy? Maybe it’s just me. Or what about the time when […]

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Kimberly Genevieve

Sexy Scoop with Jessica Cox

One of the things I do to inspire me within the health industry is look globally and I’ll tell you this: Australia is doing some great things and has some incredible practitioners flocking to the scene and Jessica Cox is no different. She is based out of Brisbane, Australia where she provides nutrition consultations locally […]

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The Social TV

Getting down & dirty with The Social TV!

Hey mamas & papas! So yesterday I had the pleasure to join the team at CTV’s The Social as their expert Nutritionist & Acupuncturist to talk about one of my favourite topics – poop (and apparently I’m now their resident “Poop Whisperer”). We got down and dirty and I provided some tips for each host […]

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I know that many people think that candida is an overused term but when the Standard American Diet (SAD) is filled with processed junk foods loaded with sugar, what do you expect?

My free webinar last night provided tips that you can begin doing right now.

Missed my free webinar on Dampness? Get the goods here.

I have to send out a major shout out to all of you who attended last night. In fact there were close to 50 of you who did! And for just over two hours, I gave you the goods on dampness (a.k.a. candida): where it all begins and how it manifests. Who knew that it […]

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