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Category: Fibroids

The Pizza Uterine Fibroid Diet

Okay, I realize I sound out of my mind, right? I mean, “The Pizza Uterine Fibroid Diet?” What am I, crazy? Well I suppose it depends on who you talk to…*twitch, twitch*. All kidding aside, this week I wanted to focus on foods for fibroids and I figured, “Why not make it interesting?” Which is […]

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Natural Remedies for fibroids

If you’ve been following my work for a while you may know about my story about the ovarian cyst which ruptured and tore off a piece of my ovary. But what you may not know, is that years later I went into hospital in the evening because I thought I had yet another cyst. Problem […]

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Fried nerves? Try sunflower lecithin.

Picture this: you’re in the bathroom, minding your own business, blow drying your hair rapping to some old school hip hop (okay well maybe that’s just me) when suddenly your partner knocks on the door suddenly and your heart almost explodes out of your chest. Jumpy? Maybe it’s just me. Or what about the time when […]

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chia pudding

Silencing your sugar demon

It’s that moment when the stress gets you and you inevitably look for a reprieve. Now if you’re like me, you’ll scour the cabinets for something sweet because hey, nothing ends a meal off better than a sweet fix, right? You wish you could stop it, but the groans and gnawing inside you for sugar […]

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Some will tell you to love your period.

If you haven’t heard about this Urban Legend, it’s true there are a group of women out there who love their period and are trying to tell you to love yours. But wait, your period is irregular, maybe heavy enough to make people wonder why you’re still alive or maybe you’re one of those women […]

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The Sexy Liver Detox details are here!

  Hey there sexy! I’m not going to lie because I’m buzzing inside. Why? For two reasons: The Sexy Liver Detox FREE webinar happening tonight at 7pmEST If you’re looking to find out how to lose the weight you’ve been struggling to take off, get rid of cellulite, zits, gain emotional stability or overcome those […]

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