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Category: Gynecology & Hormonal Health

Surviving the holidays with PCOS

If you’ve been working all year at trying to get healthy and balance your hormones (with a couple of bumps in the road here and there), you’ll know that the holidays can throw a big ol’ wrench in your plans. Why: because of stress. Stress is why we emotionally eat and even drink. And if […]

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Feminine dryness remedies: What you didn’t know about.

I’ve been really fascinated lately by the topic of vaginal health and truthfully so has my tribe who’s been almost whispering their questions secretly through their emails. And out of all the topics I’ve surveyed about, vaginal dryness is probably the most requested. It’s why I’ve created my free Vaginal 411 Guide because women need help! […]

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The 411 on Vaginal Health

Alright so I realize that this subject might make you slightly uncomfortable. In fact if you’re at work and you may feel embarrassed to watch this. But here’s the thing, we NEED to talk about our vaginas because there’s a lot of taboo surrounding the topic and because of it we have no idea how […]

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Facial Mask for Hirsutism

Ladies, let’s face it, at some point in our lives we’ve all experienced a little hair that’s come out of nowhere. I don’t know about you but in my experience, this discovery isn’t of my own but rather discovered from a friend or loved one who’ll either point it out, or worse, yank it out when you […]

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Natural Remedies for fibroids

If you’ve been following my work for a while you may know about my story about the ovarian cyst which ruptured and tore off a piece of my ovary. But what you may not know, is that years later I went into hospital in the evening because I thought I had yet another cyst. Problem […]

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Healthy Travel Tips

Vacations are great right? But the parts I think we can all do without are food poisoning, getting the runs (it’s never a fun race), constipation and getting anxious during flights (or maybe that’s just me). So just recently I got hitched and took off to SE Asia and travelled to Bali, Cambodia and Vietnam […]

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