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Category: Interviews

Do you need to shed some emotional weight?

Ever feel like you just can’t drop that last 10 pounds? That you’ve tried everything to get rid of that weight, get that digestive system under control, clear that skin, but nada. Whether you want to believe it or not, there is a huge mind-body connection. I see this a lot with my patients and also with […]

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My interview with Sammie Kennedy

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked out in the past and realized I was doing everything wrong. I didn’t lose weight, I injured myself and I hated every second of it. Having these bad associations to working out, I rebelled against it until I realized how to workout the right way. And […]

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Cleansing Splash

Cool it down: Plant waters to soothe the skin

SEXY FOOD THERAPY CONTRIBUTOR: KRISTEN MA According to Ayurveda, our skin and bodies are influenced by the energetic composition of the environment surrounding us. So, in the thick of the hot summer season, our skin becomes prone to heat breakouts and inflammation. One way to combat this is by incorporating all-natural floral waters into your […]

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The Woman Who Saved My Soul.

Hey there my sexy peeps… Back in 2009, I was pretty broken down. I had gone through quite a bit that I didn’t even reveal in my blog writings. I had lost 15lbs in two weeks, felt that life was completely hopeless and that I wasn’t good enough in any way. My view on my […]

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Guest Blogger: Tamara Glick

Living Authentically from the Inside Out Honest. Funky. Kooky. Devoted. Silly. Scary-Smart. Fashion Maven Love-Child of Tokyo and Paris, vacationing in NYC. That’s some of how I’ve been described for most of my life, until around my mid-twenties when, to solve the burning question: “What should I do with my life?”, I decided to ignore […]

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Shit Nutritionists Say

Hello hot stuff! Before I dive deep into more questions and confessions (which I’m prepping for the week’s to follow), I thought I’d start off the Red Couch Confessions in the New Year with a little funny with this week’s newsletter vlog called, “Shit Nutritionists Say” So sit back, have a good giggle and you […]

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