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Category: Love

lessons in love

Lessons about love, chocolate & sex.

I could hear him this morning. His little feet running barefoot down my floors and letting out little giggles as he’d hide around the corner. I’ll admit, in the past, I didn’t like Cupid. In fact, I felt that his shooting technique flat out sucked as I fell in love consistently with the wrong men […]

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Screw it, I’m in.

The sand was in between my toes, the sun blistering hot. I slid my sunglasses down to the tip of my nose, looked around me and felt tempted to just take it off. I was 21 and was vacationing in Dominican Republic where everyone was topless.  And heck, other than my boyfriend, I’d never see […]

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Are you really in love?

I had a dream of marrying Alex. However that was destroyed when I discovered that the finger that the sucked lifesaver graced was not mine. I cried all the way home dropping my dandelions that I had picked for him and sunk my face into oreos and milk that my mother had waiting. I was […]

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Are you good enough?

At some point we’ve all asked ourselves this question and there will be times where you will ask yourself that very question down the road. The whole process is quite predictable. It begins with a sparkle of an idea or glimmer of hope of sorts. We become excited at the potential it brings but then […]

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Are you a fool?

The amount of hours you put into it. Blood, sweat and kiss-my-social-life-goodbye sort of tears.  Loved ones tell you to put you phone down but it’s hard to disconnect. And sometimes, just sometimes when you’re partner is trying to tell you something important, your mind floats off into a project you’ve been thinking of creating. […]

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Five health misconceptions exposed.

WARNING: the following content may make you smile, go into shock, feel upset, become wide-eyed, gasp or laugh so hard that you just might snort. I truly believe in every single one of these points. Some of these I discuss with my patients when treating them. So **taking a deep breath in** here we go… […]

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