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The Social TV

Getting down & dirty with The Social TV!

Hey mamas & papas! So yesterday I had the pleasure to join the team at CTV’s The Social as their expert Nutritionist & Acupuncturist to talk about one of my favourite topics – poop (and apparently I’m now their resident “Poop Whisperer”). We got down and dirty and I provided some tips for each host […]

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Treat these top 5 ailments naturally

I’m always surprised when I see people reach for the nearest drug to treat the most minor of ailments. In fact, I always tell my patients that, we CAN turn to natural means which may provide quite a bit of relief depending on the case. Check out this past segment I did with Steven & […]

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wylde on health

Wylde on health…and Valentine’s Day

At first when some people hear about Sexy Food Therapy and what I offer, there’s a misconception that because there’s the scandalous word, “sexy” in my business name, that I’m all about aphrodisiac foods. Nah ah…not the case. Sexy Food Therapy is about how to feel sexy from the inside out with my expertise in […]

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Hitting the off button on fatigue.

It’s time again folks and this week, I’m going to help you find the off button on fatigue. You might have seen this video if you’re already subscribed to the Red Couch Confessions, but it’s certainly a goodie with some practical tips that you can begin implementing to fight that fatigue! So tune in […]

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