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Category: News & Media Rebuttals

DIY Nutella

DIY Nutella: Why you should just make your own.

If you’re anything like me you likely were a happy camper plopping yourself in front of the TV watching Smurfs and eating a slice of toast with Nutella. I mean chocolate for breakfast? Hell yes! And as we grew up, the sweet clutches of Nutella still hadn’t escaped us. In fact if we joined the gluten-free […]

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are supplements bad for you?

NEWSFLASH: Natural supplements are bad for you…right?

There has been a recent flood of media attention lately that natural supplements are bad for you. In fact, apparently, we should just flat out stop taking these “magic pills” as Laura Northrup cites in The Consumerist because heck, they may even do us harm in the long run. I mean wow, they may be […]

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