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My cold and flu secret weapons.

It all begins with that tickle in the back of your throat. Or maybe you get body aches, or sneezing (that if you’re anything like me, come in a set of three). Either way, you know it’s coming and you think, “I can’t get sick now, this is the worst timing ever.” If you can […]

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Insulin Resistance Diet: What you need to know

You hit the snooze button this morning like it’s a game show, smacking it several times before you finally roll out of bed, flick on the lights to see yourself. Sometimes looking in the mirror is hard because you just don’t get why the weight isn’t coming off. Unlike the girl down the hall at the […]

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Diatomaceous earth benefits for candida

Ladies, let’s face it, we all hate the C-word, ammmmiiiiright? I know when I speak to my ladies over at my free and private Sexy Food Therapy Community, that many of them can relate for sure! Well I know I, for one, hate it. I’m talking about candida and in today’s video I wanted to […]

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