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Category: Praise

Define yourself.

Hey there everyone, As I mentioned before, I’ve had the pleasure of teaching a marketing course to Nutrition students two years in a row now at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition. So when people ask me, “Is this course really for me? I’m still in school.” Or, “I don’t know if it’ll be advanced enough…I’ve […]

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What I’ve learned in my 30’s.

1. It’s okay that I don’t want children. It doesn’t mean that I’m selfish or that I take my reproductive capabilities for granted.  I have also come to realize that many people should exercise their inner voice because I don’t appreciate being referred to as a biological freak of nature. 2. My weight deposition has changed and […]

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Shit Nutritionists Say

Hello hot stuff! Before I dive deep into more questions and confessions (which I’m prepping for the week’s to follow), I thought I’d start off the Red Couch Confessions in the New Year with a little funny with this week’s newsletter vlog called, “Shit Nutritionists Say” So sit back, have a good giggle and you […]

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