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Category: Smoothies

remedies for ovarian cysts

The remedies for ovarian cysts I wish I knew about.

I had an Ally McBeal moment the day I sat in front of my doctor who told me, “Relax, ovarian cysts happen in every woman.” I could picture throwing him across his clinic crashing into the pile of out dated magazines. I felt like he was demeaning the experience I had of stabbing pains that […]

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Heal your gut reactions with THIS drink.

It’s time to establish a healthy relationship with your mind & your gut. Now c’mon, let’s be honest sometimes when you get stressed, don’t you have some unpleasant gut reactions? I’m talking about grumbling bellies, maybe lack of appetite, binge eating and maybe even the shits? I know this feeling all too well as a busy entrepreneur. In fact in […]

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Carla Collins

Sexy Scoop with Carla Collins

I can always admire women who are not only smart, but can leave me almost pee’ing my pants and no one fits the bill better than Carla Collins. She is an award-winning comedian, actress, television and radio host and author and she never stops. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Carla on her show, […]

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