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Category: Snacks & Desserts

Natural remedies for perimenopause

Do you remember when your mother went into menopause? Maybe she was hot one minute and quick to cry or snap on the other. And then you get this dose of reality when you realize that you may be going through it as well. Your periods seem unpredictable and maybe you’ve missed a period here and […]

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How to increase energy with fat bombs

Maybe you’re one of those people who wake up in the morning and the first thing you can think about is a running to do list and that no one, absolutely no one will get harmed if you just have your coffee. Or maybe you’re struggling with fuelling up with energy before a workout because […]

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is granola healthy?

Is granola healthy?

I remember when I first met my hubs-to-be. He loved his granola (or what I call fart in a box) so much that he probably went through four boxes a week. I know, you might be thinking you’ve been doing a body good this whole time, right? And now you find yourself asking, “Is granola […]

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