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Category: The Sexy Scoop

Alexandra Jamieson: Women, Food & Desire

You know those days where everything seems to be going wrong and you just think, “To heck with it, I’m getting pizza.” Or those times when you go through a painful breakup and you’re drowning in a tub of Ben & Jerry’s? I mean let’s face it, we’ve all been through some emotional bout and […]

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Sexy Scoop with Alexandra Jamieson

One of the characteristics I love are those who stand up for what they believe in and aren’t afraid to go against societal norms. Alexandra Jamieson, chef, author of the American Detox diet, health consultant and co-star of Super Size Me is just that and so much more. I had the wonderful opportunity to interview […]

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Sexy Scoop with Shauna Ireland

*Photo credit (above): Miz Monday (below): Shane H O’Neill I am always inspired by women who just seem to do it all and Shauna Ireland is no exception. While this, “it” girl rocks the PR world, she’s also a major whole food junkie as well (one of the many reasons I love her!). In this candid interview, […]

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Amber Joliat

Sexy Scoop with Amber Joliat

One of the things I love to see is when innovators hit the health industry. Goodbye to the days of exclusivity or hippies, the health industry has been reshaped for all (including hippies!). It’s one of the many reasons I love Amber Joliat. To me she is the epitome of sexy, grace, love and strength. […]

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Peggy Kotsopoulous

Sexy Scoop with Peggy Kotsopoulous

  One of the things I love about interviewing others for my weekly Sexy Scoop series, is being able to feature fellow colleagues of mine that are just rocking it and Peggy Kotsopoulos is no exception. She not only has her own show now in the US, but is also a two-time author. And if […]

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