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who's got your back?

Who’s got your back?

Within just short of a year, everything began to fall a part. No matter what I ate back then, my tummy would react. My skin was a disaster and I tried everything from drinking straight cucumber juice (I threw up shortly after and loathe cucumbers now) to ProActiv which almost destroyed my skin. I began studying Nutrition […]

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nutrition after gallbladder removal

Nutrition after gallbladder removal: How to cope when your digestion has gone downhill

When I opened up my free private Facebook digestive group, The Number 2 Community, I was absolutely floored when I realized how many people had their gallbladders removed. Generally these people will suffer from loose poops, possible nausea and difficulties digesting fats after. And while surgery in some cases is absolutely necessary, I wish that […]

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How to stop farting

Okay let’s face it, farting is not something that most of us like to brag about. I mean, sure it’s fun potty humour to some but for many of us it’s downright embarrassing. I mean the whole poop talk is quite the taboo topic and the reason why I created my free poop chart that […]

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Exciting changes

So I’ve been doing a happy jig for the last week. Here’s why: I got a face lift. Okay, well not really, but my site did (and naturally of course!).  In fact there are some pretty huge changes happening this year with Sexy Food Therapy as it expands and as we work on things in […]

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