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ottawa meet up

I’d LOVE to meet you

Hey folks! One of the things I absolutely love is building relationships with my tribe and really hearing your stories. So when I found out that part of my Oster Versa media tour was going to take me to Ottawa and I had time to do a meet up I was thrilled! So here’s the thing, I […]

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Sarah speaks out.

Hey there, One of the biggest things that I love, is building a tribe. I love to hear your stories and be able to provide the best care and value that I can. So when I heard Sarah’s story about her experience during the Stress Detox program, I wanted to share it with you because maybe […]

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how do you handle stress at work?

How do you handle stress at work?

Do you step out for a smoke? Do you grab a cup of coffee? Do you anxiously wait until 5pm until you can get a bottle of wine on the way home? Do you hold back tears? Do you run for a sweet fix? Seriously, how do you handle stress at work? I ask these […]

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Want to get fat? Drink lattes.

There is something about a latte to me that screams elitism to me. I’m not entirely sure if its because I picture women outfitted in Lululemon wear with perfectly painted faces of makeup clutching their latte, but it just does. And truthfully, I used to be one of them. I enjoyed the creamy comforts of […]

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Xenoestrogens & Your Hormones: Why you need to give a shit.

I realize the word sounds like a superhero but “xenoestrogens” are far from it. These nasty buggers are foreign estrogens that really mess with your hormone levels contributing to everything from man boobs to ovarian cysts. Not sexy right? So in this week’s video I thought I’d focus on why and how you should remove them. Ladies […]

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